May 2018

The regular live gigs at Darkey Kelly’s and O’Donoghues of Merrion Row continue plus new ones at Jack Nealon’s and more ….. 🙂



Every week T.F.K. Thursday, T.F.K. Tuesday, T.F.K. Acoustic Sunday, O’Donoghue’s Acoustic Tuesday and more 🙂

This Alien Has Landed
She’s The One
My Woman Blues
Don’t Follow Me
The Healing Power Of Love

Be Here Now
Am I A Good Man
Cascade Of Love
Hearts Beating As One
What Colour Is The Sky..
Fallen Angel
We Can Always Be Kids

Suzanne Vega’s Eyes
Tears Of The Sky
Wrapped In You
Dressed In Blue
If The Lord Came Now
Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me I’m O.K.
Done My Time
I Dreamed I Was A Good Man

Calling Me Back
Bought & Sold
Heart In Box
Light & Shade ……


Wow Signal Sessions Dublin

Many thanks to Mark Moriarty for hosting us at the Wow Signal Sessions in Bagots Hutton last night (March 14th.).  Paul O’Toole (guitar) and Paul Ames (percussion) joined me, thank you guys, and we did well rocked up versions of Alison, Girl, This Alien Has Landed, Heart In A box, Light & Shade….. And yes, I did jump off that stage (still playing) at the end… 🙂 Pics courtesy of Mark. Tonight is an extended T.F.K. Thursday (sixth gig of the T.F.K. Fest), Paul O’Toole will be joining me and doing a special guest spot 🙂