Every Friday at Darkey Kelly’s, original music and song.

Setlist, Friday 10th February 2017, small but very nice audience…. Locals, Americans, Spanish, Scottish … 🙂 …. Fifth track for next album be ready during the week (Fallen Angel)….. Three more songs and an instrumental to finish.. Getting close.. First four tracks already finished can be heard on my Bandcamp site. 🙂 Photo by Juha Forsberg 🙂

My Woman Blues (2011)
Calling Me Back (2016)
She’s The One (2016)
Hearts, Beating As One (2016)
Midnight Dream #9 (2012)
Heaven (2013)

Bought & Sold (2012)
Done My Time (2010)
What Colour Is The Sky (2016)
Be Here Now (2015)
Cascade Of Love (2015)
Alison (slow) (2013)

Suzanne Vega’s Eyes (2014)
Tears Of The Sky (2014)
Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me I’m O.K. (2011)
This Alien Has Landed (2014)
Girl (2015)
Heart In A Box (2012)
Light & Shade (2012)
Calling Me Back (Reprise)

Hearts Beating As One

First track finished for next album, due April 2017.

There is a place between us
Where time stands still
Kept alive by the beating
Of our Hearts
Beating as one
Of Our Hearts
Beating as one.Close your eyes
Float with me
We’re walking on the ocean
With our Hearts
Beating as one
With our Hearts
Beating as one.Take my hand
Feel Warm
One love
Feel at ease feel safe
With our Hearts
Beating as one
With our Hearts
Beating as one.
Released December 21, 2016
Words & music by Tony Floyd Kenna.
Vocals, instruments, recording and production by Tony.